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Singer / Songwriter

Todd Hazelrigg is a singer-songwriter from Kankakee, IL. Cutting his teeth on funk, jam, and psychedelia, Hazelrigg's current sound is more in the vein of Folk/Americana with a heavy lyrical content. However, with a looper, a habit of beatboxing, and an all-star rotating cast of musicians to back him up, the sounds of the Todd Hazelrigg Band can come as a surprise from night to night.

Past musical projects include Sneaky Gene, The Smoking' Trees, Copecetic, and The Strips.

Todd often collaborates with the band Miles Over Mountains in a band called Todd's M.O.M.


The Todd Hazelrigg Band has featured Phil Roach, Drew Little, Charlie Harris, Patrick Dinnen, JB Faires, Polly Launay, Sean Shiel, Caleb Peters, Phil Hoffman, Dan Andree, Daniel Watkins, and Nate Johnson

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