The Good Dinos are a power trio playing a mix of blues rock, rockabilly, and funk concentrating on classic B-sides and alternative rock gems that other bands might overlook.


This fresh take on the roots of rock and/or roll gives The Good Dinos an original sound with hints of familiar classics like The James Gang, The Sonics, and T-Rex. It's high energy meets bluesy soul.


Starting as a guitar-and-drum duo, The Good Dinos were founded by veterans of two very different music scenes. Jake Pope was initiated into the gloriously gritty Midwest punk circuit at a tender young age playing drums with Swampass. Meanwhile, Joe McLean was melting minds with his soaring guitar lines in Cincinnati's renowned jazz-funk jam band, Ray's Music Exchange.


The duo format brought out the band's love of lo-fi blues rock ala The Black Keys and White Stripes. It also attracted the attention of JB Faires, who has learned a thing or two about music having earned a doctorate in the subject. He knew they needed a bass player.


These three unlikely souls found a way to meet in a really interesting piece of musical middle ground that might grab you with some Tom Petty, shake you around with The Meters, and leave you rocking with some crazy band you've never heard of, but suddenly have an urge to check out . . ., on vinyl.




The Good Dinos Live

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Mac's Uptowner


9:00 pm

Charleston, IL

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