The Freakness

Freak # 1: Andy Moreillon – Lead Vox, Bass
Freak # 2: Jon Clarkson – Guitar, Vox
Freak # 3: Jeff Markland – Drums, Vox


Established: 2019

Performing classic club songs, old school Motown, funk, soul and classic rock to newer pop, hip hop and whatever else it takes to get the backsides moving, The Freakness is the perfect choice for your private party, corporate event, wedding reception or night out with friends at your favorite club. Featuring three career musicians, The Freakness delivers a great show start to finish and you can trust they are great to work with.

The Freakness…your dance party!


Upcoming shows

Events by MLB

NOV 30th

7:00 pm

Greenup, IL 


Bands and Jams

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