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American roots music and island grooves from around the world are seamlessly combined in the skillful hands of Reverend Robert and his metal resonator guitars.


Reverend Robert is known for his genuine conviction and honest delivery. His passion for the blues led him to the prewar blues style of Charley Patton, Robert Johnson, and other delta blues giants.


Having immersed himself in their recordings, Reverend Robert emerged with an authentic feeling for the blues that is matched by his easy-going and artistic personality.


Honesty and conviction are things that seem to come naturally to the Rev., and you’ll likely never meet a more sincere, unpretentious musician.


Reverend Robert’s tasteful slide guitar playing garnered the attention of the National Slide Guitar Festival in North Carolina where he took first place in their competition in 2004.


He has entertained audiences throughout the United States, Canada, the U.K., Europe, and India. In the past two decades he has developed his one-man blues show to incorporate the influences of jazz, ragtime, and swing, as well as Caribbean, Hawaiian, African and Indian music.


The perfect combination of tradition and creative innovation, the Reverend’s music is at home on festival stages or in the street, in clubs or in the backyard. Its dance music played with a stomping beat

and irresistible groove.

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Reverend Robert is a master of prewar blues guitar. He has delved deep into the styles of Charley Patton, Robert Johnson and other delta blues giants. In the past two decades he has become accomplished at many other early twentieth century styles including ragtime and early jazz, Hawaiian, African, Indian and Caribbean. 


Combine that with the vast array of musical styles JB Faires and Jay Ferguson are notorious for, and what you have is a seamless combination of infectious rhythm and an authentic acoustic sound. 

The Rhumba Bums will be releasing a CD soon! Stay tuned for updates!!

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