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Violinist / Songwriter / Artist


Mount Vernon, Illinois artist, Polly Launay, is a versatile and in-demand violinist throughout the region. Whether she is performing with the symphony, for church services, banquets, festivals, weddings, movie soundtracks, or in honkytonks and bluegrass picking circles, Polly's excellent musicianship and positive attitude shine through.


Her talents have been a part of: Paducah Symphony, Courtney Cox and the Rainmakers, Still Kickin’ (Springfield, IL area), Eastwood Frisch, and Wildfire (St. Louis, MO).


Polly began taking violin lessons at the age of 8, and almost immediately began performing and studying with both classical and bluegrass musicians. After earning her Bachelor of Music degree at Greenville College, she has become a devoted and perpetual student of music endeavoring to learn all aspects of it.

When she is not performing as a soloist, she is also an integral part of many bands playing all genres from Jazz and Pop, to Classical and Bluegrass.

Polly enjoys writing, arranging, and recording her original compositions as well as directing her own music videos and performing her songs live.  In addition to the violin, she also plays the guitar, banjo, and piano.

Outside of music, Polly pursues running, art, and a personal relationship with God. As a runner, Polly has completed many ultra-marathons, marathons, and half marathons as well as several triathlons. As an artist, she produces works in many different mediums and also designs t-shirts.

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The Middle by Zedd (violin cover)

The Middle by Zedd (violin cover)