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Marshall Anderson

Marshall Anderson is an adventure-seeking troubadour who performs original music and covers of Country and Americana artists with his acoustic guitar.


He also happens to be a well-rounded musician and professional sound/lighting technician with a passion and dedication to performing live music.


Originally hailing from the northeast, Marshall got his first introduction to live music from his father’s bands, listening to rehearsals and helping to set up their sound systems from a very young age. Marshall moved to New York in 2006, and began playing guitar with country rock group Visions of Cody, and drums with jam rockers Frankly Garbinsky. 


In search of a better market for the Alt. Country and Americana music he had started to focus on, Marshall relocated again in 2012 to Carbondale, Illinois where he continued to sharpen his guitar chops with local favorites The Bone Dry River Band, and even found some regional success playing as half of the folk duo The Voyageurs. 


Since then, Marshall has released a solo album, and gone on to play with acts as varied as The Tie Die Family Band, the Charles Lueker Band, and his current main project Lone Howl. 


In his solo performances, Marshall has learned to embrace his natural baritone vocal range, and has been compared to singers such as Stan Rogers, Johnny Cash, and Waylon Jennings. 


In addition to his own music, Marshall is known to cover artists ranging from the three aforementioned, to Steve Earl, Jason Isbell, Robert Earl Keene, and even Emmylou Harris. 

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Stoned Alone
Marshall Anderson

Stoned Alone