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A house concert can be an intimate and fun way to see your favorite artists with

your friends, neighbors, or anyone you would like to invite.


The performers are able to engage with audiences in ways that are not possible

in noisy clubs. For fans of the music, its a perfect opportunity to hear artists clearly

and get to know them in a relaxed setting.


House concerts are private events typically held indoors with 15 - 50 people attending.

A suggested donation of $10 - $20 will be given in it's entirety to the Artist. 


Food and beverage can be either provided by the host or brought by attendees

in the form of a BYOB, potluck-style dinner.


For traveling artists, house concerts are an important stop where you can connect with an attentive audience, showcase your original music, sell merch, and inspire people with your musical contributions to the world. Significant and profound friendships can come from reaching people in such a cozy setting.


People willing to host a house concert do not profit monetarily but benefit from it in many different ways. If you enjoy entertaining guests and providing them with a memorable experience, then you should host a house concert. House concerts build community and can help create a solid music scene for all to enjoy.


House concerts are a good fit for

  • Solo artists or small acoustic bands that provide their own amplification

  • Artists that play original music and tour regionally

  • Hosts that are generous, gracious, and kindly

  • Fans who prefer a concert performance rather than a club set

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Host a House Concert

Would you like to host a house concert? Contact us below for a questionnaire and to reserve your spot on the host list.

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Play a House Concert

Are you a musician that would like to play a house concert? Contact us below for a questionnaire and to get on the Artist's List. We will try to match you up with people looking to host a house concert in your genre of music.

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